Stapleton Environmental Consulting now offering BEAHR Indigenous Training Programs

Stapleton Environmental Consulting is committed to building relationships with Indigenous communities and supporting the growth of the local environmental workforce.

Director, Erin Stapleton, is now a BEAHR Licensed Trainer with ECO Canada’s BEAHR Indigenous Training Program. Erin is happy to share her skills to build capacity within Indigenous communities through the following BEAHR courses:

  • Environmental Core Skills

  • Environmental Monitoring - Regulatory Specialization

  • Local Environmental Coordinator

  • Land Use Planning Coordinator

  • Land Use Planning 2-Day Seminar

  • Certificate in Environmental Planning and Administration

Completion of Grade 8 or Grade 10 is required, depending on the course. All courses are tailored to the community, incorporate traditional knowledge, and include the participation of Elders. Upon completion, BEAHR Graduates are eligible for wage subsidies to help them put their new skills to work. Check out the training webpage for details. Contact Erin to learn more about these courses and customizable certificates.

Industry proponents can play a role in the BEAHR Indigenous Training Program, including sponsoring student fees and hiring BEAHR Graduates. Contact Erin to learn more.

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