When done well, public participation can educate, build consensus, save money, and support regulatory approval. If done poorly or not at all, delays, conflict, and mistrust can result. Public participation builds trust and strengthens the capacity of all stakeholders to engage in the decision-making process for policies and projects that matter to them.

Guided by the core values and code of ethics of the International Association of Public Participation, SEC can help you design and execute a consultation program that promotes sustainable decision-making.  


Services offered:

  • Design of consultation programs, including stakeholder profiles and key issues

  • Organization and facilitation of workshops and public information sessions

  • Presentations at open houses and town hall meetings

  • Creation of content for print, electronic and social media communications, with an emphasis on key messages, clarity, and resonance with target audiences

  • Writing of press releases and assistance with media relations

Read a paper Erin co-authored here for an example of the fallout that can occur when stakeholders are dissatisfied with consultation efforts.