Offshore wind developers and others interested in the emerging opportunities in Canada who want to understand regulatory framework and identify key stakeholders.

Clean technology companies looking to understand environmental requirements of natural resource and energy developments in order to identify opportunities for application of their solutions.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to ensure their new business or proposed project meets environmental regulatory requirements, ensures sustainable use of our marine spaces, and considers public input.

Governments seeking input on environmental or renewable energy policy development, or support in public participatory processes.

Renewable energy proponents and others who support harnessing wind, solar and marine energy in meeting electricity demands and providing community-based energy solutions.

Not-for-profits seeking external expertise for research projects or engagement support for community initiatives.

Communities requiring assistance with planning their built and coastal environments, developing energy strategies, or reviewing environmental assessments.

Fellow consultants who want to build a formidable team to exceed client expectations. 

Canadian cannabis production facility developers seeking a consultant who is well-informed on the concerns of the environmental regulators and the public specific to this new industry.