Offshore Wind developers and others with an interest in the sector who want to explore the economic opportunities and social licensing of offshore wind in Canada, especially in the Atlantic Region. I have an extensive offshore wind network, ranging from local developers to international experts, and am building a community of industry supporters.

Communities seeking assistance with understanding environmental assessment and reviewing technical documents in preparation for consultation with project proponents. I can help you sift through the material and focus on what's important to you, so that you feel empowered to participate in the engagement process.

Renewable Energy proponents and other interested parties who support harnessing marine, wind, and solar energy in meeting electricity demands. I am particularly interested in tidal, small-scale onshore wind, and energy solutions for remote communities.                                                                                                               

Fellow Consultants who want to build a formidable team to exceed client expectations. I enjoy collaborating with other independent contractors, and am often subcontracted by consulting firms. I am based in St. John's, but am a seasoned teleworker accustomed to working with colleagues and clients across multiple time zones. I am also willing to travel for the right project with the right team.                 

Not-for-Profits seeking external expertise for research projects or engagement support for community initiatives. I understand the importance of maximizing funding, and I deliver high quality work on modest budgets.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Start-ups & Small Business Owners who want to ensure their new venture or proposed project meets environmental regulatory requirements and considers public input. Being a small business owner myself, I understand the need to run lean and that every expenditure is carefully considered. I help you conduct your due diligence at a cost that respects your budget.                                                                           


I have extensive experience in the Canadian oil & gas, electric utilities, and mining sectors, and I continue to serve clients in these areas in a subcontractor capacity.